A few words about us...

Aerospace Industries Auxiliary Power Ltd (AIAP) is a specialist aviation technical services company based in Dublin, Ireland.

We have over 15 years experience in providing APU Support to airlines and MRO’s worldwide.

AIAP supports most modern commercial jets including 737 NG/Max, the A320 family, 757, 767, A310, A330, A340 and 747-400. We stock both Honeywell and Pratt and Whitney Aeropower APU’s.

With a worldwide customer base we offer a wide range of services including:

Our mission is to provide a high quality but competitive service with first class customer support and After Sales service.

As a result we have developed a loyal customer base, built up over a long number of years and founded on our dedication and commitment to service and customer support. Click here to email us directly.

Currently in stock

Available for Sale/Exchange

Zero time GTCP 131-9B available for Sale/ Exchange- Latest mod standard with new Turbine wheels

Zero time GTCP 331-200ER (757/767) S/N R-2063, available for sale or exchange

Low time Pw901 APU, (s/n pcf000272) available for sale

Available for Lease

APS 3200 available for immediate lease

GTCP 131-9B available for immediate lease

GTCP331-200ER available for immediate lease

GTCP131-9A available for immediate lease

Pw901 available for immediate lease