A few words about us….

Aerospace Industries Auxiliary Power Ltd (AIAP) is a specialist aviation technical services company based in Dublin, Ireland.

We have over 15 years experience in providing APU Support to airlines and MRO’s worldwide. We have processed hundreds of APUs since starting the business in 2003.

AIAP supports most modern commercial jets including 737 NG/Max, the A320 family, 757, 767, A310, A340 and 747-400.

We stock both Honeywell and Pratt and Whitney Aeropower  APU’s.

With a worldwide customer base, we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Short Term Leases
  • Sales
  • Exchange
  • Parts Sales and Support
  • Repair Management

Our mission is to provide a high quality but competitive service with first class technical customer support and After-Sales service.

As a result, we have developed a loyal customer base, built up over a long number of years, and founded on our dedication and commitment to customer support.

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The AIAP Service

AIAP provide support for the most modern commercial jets including 737 (both classics and new generation), the A320 family, 757, 767, A310, A330, A340 and 747-400.

APU Lease

We specialise in supplying APU’s on short-term lease while your unit is undergoing repair. We offer the following:
– Extremely competitive rates
– A simple and straight-forward legal contract
– A speedy shipping service
-Long-term lease options and LEASE/Purchase arrangements when required

– Quick response times, especially in AOG situations

APU Parts

We stock a large inventory of both core engine parts and LRU’s offering a high quality competitive source of parts to APU repair shops around the world. All our parts come with current certification and full trace.

APU and Parts Sales/Exchange 
At AIAP we offer the option of outright purchase or exchange of APU’s and Piece Parts.
We  stock  high quality Honeywell and Pratt & Whitney  APU’s. Our APU’s have all been repaired at some of the leading APU MRO’s and come with current certification and full “back to birth” history. We provide full trace and current certification.

Our prices represent a substantial discount to the OEM alternative with no diminution in quality or trace.
In addition, AIAP also offers and Exchange option when required, on the terms of a FEE plus COST OF REPAIR and FLAT RATE basis.

APU Repair Management
Many smaller airlines find that this service is a good use of resources preferring  to sub contract the repair management of their APU’s to a specialist organisation such as AIAP.

We work with some of the leading MRO’s in the world in this regard
Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate what we can achieve for your airline.

Our goal is to offer a cost effective solution customized to the needs and requirements of our customers.

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Available for Sale/Exchange
– Zero time GTCP 131-9B, available for Sale/Exchange: Latest mod standard with new Turbine Wheels
-Zero time Overhauled GTCP 331-200ER, available for Sale/Exchange
-Low time PW901 APU (s/n PCE000272), available for Sale

– APS3200 ex OEM OHC available for Lese/Exchange

Available for Lease
-APS 3200, available for immediate lease
-GTCP 131-9B, available for immediate lease
-GTCP 331-200ER, available for immediate lease
-GTCP131-9A, available for immediate lease
-PW901, available for immediate lease
-GTCP85-129H P/N 38428-10-1 OHC available for sale/lease/exchange

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  • Mike Redmond – mike.redmond@aerospace.ie
  • Tel – +353-1-6978352/+353876736505 (Cell)
  • Lisa Kelly – lisa.kelly@aerospace.ie
  • Tel – +353-1-6978351
  • Seamus Collins – seamus.collins@aerospace.ie
  • Tel – +353-1-6978350
  • Sean Cronin – scronin@aerospace.ie
  • Tel – +353-1-6978353

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